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Tina Teeter
Owner and Head Instructor
Tina Teeter

Tina Teeter is co-owner of CKO Kickboxing Toronto. Tina is the head instructor for CKO Toronto, and brings a combination of fitness instruction, academic degrees and community leadership to the organization. Her formal achedemic degrees include a BA in Law and Justice from Laurentian University. Tina is also certified as a Personal Training Specialist with CanFitPro and holds a valid CPR certification. She is currenlty studying Nutrition to be able to provide a fully managed 10 week fitness and nutritional program for CKO members.

In 2011 Tina was seriously injured in a car accident and was convinced by a friend to continue her cardio kickboxing classes. Over time she felt the strength move back into her body and soon became an instructor and partner in the business. In 2015, with the experience under her belt, she started looking for similar workout options but with a different approach to people and membership. She found it when she went to CKO Jersey City, where she started her love affair with CKO Kickboxing. Two subsequent trips to Manhattan later, visiting CKO Upper East Side 2 days in a row and she was sold on the ideology and family approach to fitness training that makes CKO so different from everyone else. In 2016 she started the process of bringing CKO Kickboxing to Canada!

Michael Camphausen
Owner and Operator
Michael Camphausen

Michael Camphausen is co-owner of CKO Kickboxing Toronto, one of the fastest-growing fitness franchises in the USA and now in Canada. Michael brings with him a combination of leadership, corporate management and a passion for health and fitness to his new venture. He studied at the University of Cape Town, South Africa and came to Canada in 1994 in search of a new adventure. He first saw CKO Kickboxing while on a business trip to Jersey City, NJ, and took his first class while on a business trip to Tampa, FL. He says "I went to my first CKO Kickboxing class in Clermont last year. I could not believe how quickly the hour went by. It was a full body workout and I loved it"

Michael has over 30 years experience in Information Technology and Business Operations, and currently works for a large telecommunications company in Toronto. A native of Cape Town, South Africa, he lived in Vancouver for 6 years and moved to Toronto in 2000.

Jodie Hollett
Jodie Hollett
Jodie Hollett has been involved in kickboxing for over 7 years, and has been teaching cardio kickboxing group fitness for 5 years. Jodie is a high energy instructor that likes to bring a lot of fun into the classes. Jodie focuses on strength in her classes, although her focus is still on a full body workout.

Jodie is a certified CKO Kickboxing instructor and is currently working on her Personal Training Certificate with CanFitPro. She also holds a valid CPR certificate.

Jodie fell in love with CKO when she went with Tina Teeter to Manhattan and tried the classes. She has been very involved in the journey to opening the first CKO Kickboxing in Canada. With a love of fitness, Jodie participates with family and friends in obstacle course races and is very involved in charity events.

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